Hello! Somehow, I have been late to the food truck nation revolution but last Thursday, I made it to the Clover Food Truck, and boy, was it delicious! I had a soy ‘b.l.t.’ and basil lemonade. Although I do have a severe weakness for bacon, I am mostly veggie and the soy b.l.t. was just as yummy as a bacon version would have been! I think their secret is using ‘smoke’ tempeh instead of straight tofu (anyone know where to find that ‘smoke’ a la bacon flavoring for tofu?). The basil lemonade was a whole ‘nother out of this world experience! I specifically went to Gov’t Center to find this drink after reading about on the Clover food blog here. I was coming down with a cold on Thursday (who gets sick in summer? I mean REALLY?!), so the spicy kick of lemonade and soothing basil flavor was a real treat. I also really like that all of the serving supplies are compostable (I think! Going back for more lemonade and to conduct more research tomorrow, if I’m not still dying from this cold!).

I first heard about the food trucks from the interns at my work, who seem to go there every day, and with all the lunches rounding out at about $5 a pop at all three carts, you can’t go wrong. Edible Boston’s summer issue has a great article on this revolution, aptly titled the Boston Food Truck Challenge. The gist of the challenge is that the three carts currently occupying the space outside the City Hall Plaza at Gov’t Center were chosen as test pilots out of a larger pool of 28 applicants for what will be, hopefully, a rotating scene of delicious, healthy, to-go options for a segment of the downtown work crowd that formally was limited to staples like Dunkin’ Donuts, bad pub food, and one too many S’bucks.

I like that I can try new restaurant food without the commitment of actually going to a restaurant and you are supporting local business to boot. One of the coolest things about ordering from Clover was that on Thursday they were rocking out to some sweet jams and literally, the truck was rockin’ back and forth while the kids making my lunch got down inside. Now that is how you serve up lunch! Rejoice in the glory that is food trucks!

Soy b.l.t. & basil lemonade! Yum!