I hope folks had a great weekend and wonderful Father’s Day yesterday. Here are some brief edible moments from my weekend. First off, I hit up a grueling power session at O2 Yoga (I’m doing unlimited classes this month!). I love Ann’s classes because she is extremely challenging to your personal limits, and if you aren’t going to go big, go home, right? Next I headed off to the Union Square Farmer’s Market in Somerville, where I saw this guy:

After talking to him for a few minutes I learned that he just started this mobile bike fix-it unit and operates out of Somerville. I grilled him for a few minutes with questions on my ‘new’ bike, affectionately named ‘Ira’ after Ira Allen, the founder of the University of Vermont. Ira, the bike, will be featured in an upcoming UVM Fundraising campaign, so stay tuned! I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday to find two specific items: 1. local strawberries & 2. Fiorre di Nonno mozzerella or burrata. The cheese people are not at the market this year even though they were at the Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market! BOOO. I picked up some strawberries and organic rainbow chard though and went on my way.

I was slated to work my part-time job catering with East Meets West for a wedding at the Exchange Conference Center Saturday but getting down there was a bit tricky. There was this massive parade celebrating the Bruins victory to the Stanley Cup and a few random downpours that made it literally, almost impossible to make it from north of Boston to the waterfront…but I did it! Upon arrival, I was thrilled to be asked to cook and prep for the entire evening instead of serving and managing.

I'm a chef!

I made HUNDREDS of mini lobster rolls, which they served as dessert (kinda strange or ‘like’?), cooked pizzas, scallops wrapped in bacon, plated salads, ran food, cut the wedding cake – the works. I was so psyched when they asked me but after five hours of brutal heat in the kitchen, I was thinking maybe I was done with being a chef for the day. Saturday night was amazing at the waterfront because it was the Parade of Lights in Boston Harbor, and the Boston fire boats were cruising the harbor spraying the water cannons up in the air and all the big boats in the harbor were beautifully decorated. As they all cruised by the wedding patio overlooking the harbor, the guests were so happy because they thought the parade was arranged specifically for them!

Sunday I headed back to Union Square to brunch at the Precinct Bar where I had the BEST breakfast I have had in ages. I order the salmon potato pancakes, expecting heavy, fried hash browns with salmon but what I got were pillowy, clouds of shredded potato mixed into pancake batter and cooked like a thin crepe, which made the PERFECT landing spot for the freshly sliced salmon topped with creme fraiche. I also had a jalepeno-infused bloody mary (not that I needed it but I LOVE spicy drinks, or really, anything spicy) AND 1 banana pancake. I love bananas in pancakes because they get all caramelized while cooking. It was perfection!


Later in the day my parental unit came to check out my new apartment and hang out in Davis Square. We went to Highland Kitchen for dinner, which was super tasty. I had a drink called the ‘Monsoon’ – mango cassis, Mt. Gay rum, and ginger beer – I would definitely try to recreate this at home. For dinner I had FISH TACOS, which I had been craving since I watched Bobby Flay whip some up on an episode of his show I caught recently, and Devils On Horseback. Do you know what those are? A date is stuffed with some type of soft cheese (in Highland’s case they had used Great Hill blue cheese, I’m pretty sure), and then wrapped in bacon. Delicious! The fam. headed to J.P. Licks for dessert and I indulged in some banana oreo ice cream, which was unusual for me as I don’t typically eat chocolately ice cream, but had to try it for the novelty factor.

Well, that is the weekend in food. Hope you had a great Dad’s day too – what did you eat?