Ahh yoga. What makes me keep going back is that every time I go to a class, I am still hugely humbled by how challenging it is. Depending on where your day has already taken you, along with so many other factors, your experience “on the mat” can change minute to minute and class to class. Even though I have reached the point of attending the power classes at my local studio, I am still surprised at how often I learn a new posture or arm balance or maybe get even deeper into the practice. At the end of each class, the instructors will wrap up with a few words about the meaning of intentional practice, and lately what is really sticking with me is the idea that you could come in feeling one way (maybe gross/tired/cranky/any number of emotions) and by the time you step “off the mat, something small has shifted,” and for me that really resonates right now. You carry that same ‘shift’ with you wherever you go.

Gotta remember to stop and smell the roses. These came from my mom’s house. They are from a white rosebush but they have been growing in more pink every year. We think it has to do with the soil pH or possibly too much iron in the soil. They are so pretty though!

Did I forget to mention how HUNGRY yoga makes you?  Luckily, I was all jazzed to make veggie enchiladas! First I  cooked a cup of brown rice (I prefer Lundgren long grain  brown rice) with a teaspoon of EVOO. Then I sauted some  vidalia onion, green scallion, and fresh spinach (both  sourced from the CSA) for the filling.

Next I cracked a can of Trader Joe’s vegetarian refried beans (did you know refried beans typically contain pork fat?!). And yes, I DID use Frank’s Hot Wing sauce as my enchilada topping. The last time I bought enchilada sauce, I was SHOCKED, shocked I tell you to see how much sodium it contained. Frank’s seemed like a slightly less salty option with essentially the same flavor (maybe even secretly better!).

I assembled the whole wheat wraps with two tablespoons of rice, some spinach/onion mix, one tablespoon of beans, Cabot pepper jack cheese, and then topped them with some Frank’s and fresh cilantro (also CSA sourced). They will look like this before you bake them for about 5-8 minutes at 350 degrees:

Digging in and grateful to eat!