AND a host of other summer goodies are ‘cropping’ up at my parents’ house, including:




and my personal favorite, Raspberries

the Agripod is back, or rather, still alive. My mom is growing some lettuce in one and what looked like tomatoes in the other.

It has been very wet and rainy for much of June so things are ripening at a slower than average rate, but we will see the fruit and the sun soon enough!

In other exciting Boston-foodie news, the Boston Public Market is Coming! This is going to be an amazing endeavor and there is a great wave of momentum around its progress currently. How amazing would it be to be able to head downtown after work to grab local shellfish, veggies, and a block of cheese for dinner as an alternative to Whole Foods? While I am sometimes a W.F. shopper, it is significantly more expensive than buying comparable products at a Farmer’s Market-style point of sale, plus at a Farmer’s Market or direct market like the Boston Public one, you have the opportunity to interact with the actual vendors or Farmers on site and producers get to pocket a greater share of direct profits from their harvest. Everyone wins! Stay tuned for more news on the Market!

I had some amazing basil from the second round of the Red Fire Farm CSA and I got to scheming. With the rainy weather for most of last week, I wanted a meal that was quick, warm, and ‘fresh’ tasting. FLAX-SEED GARLIC SCAPE BASIL PESTO was the choosen winner. I started with my lovely basil and garlic scapes from the CSA (I used about four healthy sprigs of basil and four garlic scapes which I chopped up). Then I cooked up some Niman Ranch sweet Italian sausage.

I combined the garlic scapes, basil, two heaping tablespoons of Bob’s Red Mill ground flax seed, which I thought was a great substitute for a total lack of nuts, and poured in about a cup of extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO as we call it in the biz. I used my blender to make this pesto, which wasn’t the smartest move ever (I previously broke a blender doing a similar chopping operation), but it got the job done! I made this pesto a few years ago and was re-inspired by reading about Steph’s version of the ‘Garlic Scape Pesto & PortobelloBurger for One’ on  321 Delish.

What a beautiful yield!

I threw together my cooked sausage from the very famous ranch in San Fran., creamy goat cheese, pesto, whole wheat orecchiette, and dinner was then served along with a glass of what I am ALWAYS craving to drink lately (when it is appropriate!), Spanish rose’. So delicious!“Salute!”