This is a tribute to one of my favorite things on the entire planet, MAPLE SYRUP. Having lived in VT for almost nine years, I LOVE maple syrup, as most New Englanders do, and I put it in…well, basically anything! I recently created a BOMB salad dressing, borrowed and improvised from a delicious brunch at the hole-in-the-wall Regal Beagle in Brookline, MA. (PSA – if you live in Boston, GO HERE! Their brunch was very unique, with fresh, interesting ingredients, it is a cool atmosphere inside, and far too inexpensive to make any sense!). Recipe for the salad dressing to come later…..So I was craving some [more] maple in my life, and found my favorite yogurt, Butterworks Farm Vanilla Yogurt, which contains a hefty amount of maple syrup in it. Surprisngly, this brand had far less sugar than most of the other more popular brands at the grocery store. Here is the proclamation for their love of the maple goodness:

I combined my fabulous Butterworks with fresh fruit (not entirely local but very tropical!), and Back to Nature Granola (I went with the Vanilla Almond Agave flavor; again, far less sugar than many other brands on the shelves). This was my delectable result:
Some fun maple syrup facts:
– Did you know you can store maple syrup in the fridge or freezer; it will not freeze and stays surprisingly fluid!
– Maple syrup has as much calcium content per serving as whole milk!
– Maple syrup has 40 calories per Tablespoon as compared to corn syrup sweeteners that have 60 calories per Tablespoon!
– Maple syrup is nutritious, containing vitamin B2, B5, B6, niacin, potassium, biotin, folic acid and other amino acids*.
So drink up your syrup and hug a sugar maple tree next time you pass one by in the woods! What is your favorite use for maple syrup? Post in the comments below!

Mmmm...maple syrup-laced iced coffee from Equal Exchange Cafe!


(*Source: VT. Maple Syrup Facts)