This Slate Grocery Store-Aisle Ingredients Quiz is crazy – you would be SHOCKED at what is in some everyday products and I am pretty embarrassed to say that I had a very difficult time answering all 11 questions. Check your food knowledge at the door folks!

Last night, my yoga class was like high school ‘double sessions’ for soccer. If you didn’t play sports in high school, that’s cool, but for those who know what I’m talkin’ ’bout – it was BRUTAL. Sometimes, I think this one teacher in particular likes to cruelly punish us. I was beat and had been in between helping a friend move this week, so by the time I made it home for the first time around 8 pm, I was starved! Buffalo ‘faux-chicken’ cabbage wraps – that is all I wanted needed for dinner last night, along with celery sticks, ranch dressing, and some naan bread on the side. So good! I bought the ‘chicken’ and used my arrowhead cabbage from my last Red Fire Farm CSA share. Arrowhead cabbage is apparently the coolest thing on the block these days because of its buttery soft texture and mild flavor.

This is what my scarf session looked like

Flavor Explosion!

I thought I would share some fun pictures from a combo wedding shower & bachelorette party I attended this weekend on Cape Cod.  These are the photos I CAN show you. We were in Provincetown, or P-Town, as locals know it…needless to say, things got sorta silly.

The beautiful shower location on the harbor

We were fully stocked!

Victor's was delicious for dinner...breakfast had some problems, but the drag queens kept us entertained between toast points!

We should have rented this 'FunkMobile' - it was pretty awesome, sorta like the Cash Cab!

The sign says it all, especially in P-Town

Tis wedding season: have you seen any fresh and unique food/party ideas recently?