I realize this is several days later, but I now understand why people say coming back from vacation is hard, because the week got away from me before I knew it! Anywho, I went to Virginia Beach for the Fourth of July weekend and it was glorious! The night I landed I went to the Lynnhaven Fish House, with views of the mouth of the Lynnhaven River on a pier along the VA Beach shore, to begin a mission titled, “Crab 5 Ways”. The idea was to eat local crab prepared 5 ways, which was inspired by flipping through this cookbook, “Tidewater of the Half Shell”. Apparently, the cookbook is legendary in the VA Beach area, featuring a number of shellfish & seafood inspired dishes. Look at how many recipes there are under ‘crab’:

However, the mission was aborted as weekend bbq plans were not heavily featuring seafood. The mission has been renamed, “Lobster 5 Ways”, and is relocated to the Northeast. I did have a tasty crab cake, alongside a fresh mojito, and ‘crab’ chips (potato chips covered in Old Bay seasoning), so I guess I covered 2/5 ways to consume crab. I should probably also mention that I ate this:
This was ‘dessert’ – a sweet potato baked with melted mini-marshmellows on top. OMG-deliciousness! I will be trying this either at home or for sure on my next camping trip; outpaced s’more BY FAR.

Next day it was off to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some Ostrich Meat & Kangaroo Filets. Just kidding, but seriously, I guess you could have gotten some, along with some Alligator Meat?!

 After the multiple bbq’s, it was time to work off some of that Ostrich Meat (I kid!), so I headed over to the First Landing State Park just further down the Lynnhaven River. I ended up hiking about seven miles in just under two hours!

Oyster bed restoration interpretive signs along the trails

Good thing there was a great illegal fireworks show Sunday night because torrential rains washed out all the fireworks scheduled for the Eastern Shore Monday night. Boo. I had a great time in VA Beach though, and it is high season for lobster, so hand me a claw cracker; I’ve got a mission to tackle!