Hey pals,

Friday I was in Amherst, Mass., pronounced Am-EEEEEESST locally, for work visiting some farms and thought that I would stop by one of my favorite pit-stops, Atkin’s Farms for some goodies on my looooong drive back to the city. Atkins is a HUGE farmstand/local products grocery store, and a definite stop point on my very frequent travels back and forth across the state. I stocked up on corn, zucchini (my FAV), summer squash, ‘patriot’ potatoes, sunflowers (for moi!), and stumbled upon some goodies on the way:

Gooseberry, Blueberry, Currants, Oh My!

These cider donuts are famous in Western Mass.

Maple chevre (local!)

To my own surprise, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the Maple version of this cheese because I had no idea what I would do with it, other than eating it right out of the container, which would have ended in ultimate devastation for my swimsuit goals, so I opted for the Rosemary version to use in healthy moderation! 🙂

Maple caramel corn - who knew this existed?!

I’ve been lately experiencing a bit of a ginger brew obsession. Obsessions and addictions manifesting are typically the sign of some other under-lying issue, but this obsession seems to be surfacing not as compulsion to consume so much as to find different types of ginger brew. Here’s a recent discovery:

Regatta Ginger Brew

Atkins didn’t have ANY ginger brew, but I found very, satisfying substitute of their own birch brew:

Edible Boston recently had some great recipes featuring currants, but they seemed a bit complicated for me. Do you have any simple recipes for currants or have you ever cooked gooseberries?

Red sunflowers - so beautiful!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!