After working an incredibly long evening wedding (12+ hours people!!!), I was super dead Sunday morning. I didn’t want to go anywhere or really do much of anything involving effort. I did however want to eat eggs and since I am not so great at making them scrambled, fried, or omelette-style, I decided to whip up a frittata using zucchini and tasty rosemary chevre from my recent Atkin’s Farm adventure. I followed a recipe in Everyday Food for a roasted zucchini frittata, but also added a half-cup of rose’ salami and the remainder of some garlic scapes I had kicking around in the veggie crisper. First I chopped and assembled my ‘add-ins’, using my mandoline slicer to get the perfect, uniform cut of zuc’ slices. I cooked the garlic in a pan on the stovetop first, and when the aroma of the  scapes was released, I added the zuc’ to crisp up. Then I whipped together six eggs, with salt and pepper in another bowl, and chose to incoporapte the two

tablespoons of cheese at this point because cherve can be somewhat thick out of the package; by whipping it into the eggs, it cut down on any rogue chunk factor that might have resulted. I

sprayed down a 9” pie plate and added the contents from the frying pan, all golden and cripsy, and then poured the eggmixture over to coat. I baked it in a pre-heated oven at 425 for about 36 minutes (mine needed a wee extra minute!). I won’t lie, there are a few things I would have done differently: 1. I definitely didn’t need to add salt as I added some salami before I went to bake the frittata, and it carried enough of the salt quotient. Next time = no added salt (if you choose to add a salt, cured meat). 2. Even though I religiously sprayed down the pie plate…I still had trouble getting the frittata to slide out easily. I waited until it cooled, I flipped it onto a plate, I dug around it with a knife. It eventually came out in one intact piece, but it was rather annoying that it took so many flippin’ tries! I told myself that this must be a sign I need a new pie plate!


Like I said, Saturday was a bit busy for me, so I treated Sunday as though it was Saturday (anyone else mentally do this to trick yourself into enjoying Sunday more so you don’t have to face the reality that the weekend is ending already?!!!), and this included, for me, Pretty Things Baby Tree beer. This has a pretty high alcohol content, so thank goodness I had already ate a piece quarter of the frittata (hey, it was delicious!).

In other foodie news, I just discovered the show Great Food Truck Race on Food Network via Hulu (I don’t have a tv, let alone cable; let the mocking begin!). First of – LOOOOOVE Tyler Florence; he is just the cutest and I think one of the better chefs on F.N. I wrote about my recent facsination with food trucks here and also recently got a tip from my mom that there is a grilled cheese truck stalking the streets of Boston that sometimes parks downtown during lunch hour. I watched mmmmmmm FIVE episodes yesterday but didn’t have a chance to watch the final episode. EEEEKKK don’t tell me who won yet! Turns out the grilled cheese truck, named Roxie’s Grilled Cheese, was a competitor on the second season of the show. I need to get caught up I tell you! I headed back to the food truck nation downtown yesterday to pick up this beauty of a meal (chickpea fritter) from Clover Food Lab:

It was bomb. Pickled cabbage, loaded with carrots and fresh chickpeas mashed up on a pita. MMM. I also snagged my favorite food ever, a loaf of olive ciabatta from the When Pigs Fly bakery stand at the Gov’t Center Farmers Market. This will not last long in my possession; I’m in love with the way the olives come out all salty and moist in the ciabatta. It is so darn good!

Bread heaven

Alright, I crammed a lot in here but this bird must fly now.