So as I previously mentioned in this post, mission “Lobster 5 Ways” has been slated for accomplishing this month. I conquered 2/5 ways to eat lobster last week: 1. Lobster & melon ‘napoleon’ salad at the venerable Summer Shack (I did NOT get a picture and I’m kicking myself because it was BEAUTIFUL!); 2. Lobster, tuna, crab tacos at the newly opened Jerry Remy Sports Bar on the Boston waterfront Fan Pier. Way #1 was spectacular, with succulent lobster, lightly dressed, siting atop a stack of various melon pieces (watermelon, honeydew, canteloupe), cherry tomatoes, and greens, with fried tortilla sticks inserted into the top. It was a textural dream! Loved it. Way #2 was less amazing, to my major dismay. Here’s the money shot:

Working L-R, crab meat, lobster, and ahi tuna (say no to endangered bluefin!), all with thin radish slices, slice of avocado, Napa cabbage, and a (?) mystery low-fat sour cream. The trio was lack-luster in my opinion for two BIG reasons. One, the various seafood had so little flavor 😦 sad face. All three tacos needed a shift kick in the pants; there was no heat, or really, obvious seasoning whatsoever. I know I have been accused of being an ‘over-flavorer’, but still – tuna has NO flavor if you don’t season it folks. Secondly, the sauce (if you can even call it that), tasted watery in a low-fat kinda way (ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, right?!). The sauce did NOTHING, as it also had zero flavor. I would have traded it out for some cojita, even grated cheddar would have been a serious upgrade. I think maybe this was the chef’s attempt at an extremely healthy dish, but since I had already walked about, oh, six miles on the scorching afternoon through the streets of Boston, I was HUNGRY. My fellow dining companion had a redemption burger, if only for the photo opp., though – check out the ‘Rem Dawg’ Burger – it is stacked between two pieces of FRIED DOUGH! “Wha?!”, you are saying! Yes such an apocalyptic sandwich exists!


It was devoured with satisfaction. I would imagine this is the kind of sandwich Ron Swanson would eat (Parks & Rec. anyways? Best show ever?!). If you go here, get the regular fries; they were perfectly crisp, which was not the case with the sweet potato fries I had ordered (sad face #2! :(). On the supreme upside, after waiting only a few minutes on teak benches on the gorgeous waterfront patio, we snagged a table near the windows looking out on to the harbor, and on the way out, I got to hear Peter Frampton wailing out on “Do You Feel Like We Do” (his 35th renunion tour was next door at the Harborlights Pavilion concert venue; and yes, I know it isn’t called Harborlights anymore, but I liked that name!). Last shot of the night, I headed back to my friend’s wine & liquor shop, Boston Wine Exchange in downtown Boston for the close out of their grand expansion party. They recently added another 25% in wine showcasing capacity, as well as coolers with gourmet cheese and accoutrements to go. Looks great, right?

I picked up some Bengali Tiger beer from Sixpoint Brewery for my coastal adventures the next day. The store looks awesome and if you ever find yourself in need of libations while in downtown Boston, come visit the store, and ask for E!

Any recommendations for how I should finish off “Lobster 3/5 Ways”? What is your favorite way to eat lobster?