Try saying that 5 times fast! One of the most simple explanations for why we care so much about certain landscapes is that some places appeal to our personal ‘sense of place’. A sense of place could be defined many ways, but for me the idea translates to a place that stands out in your memory because we identify the unique feelings we have when we are there: the people make us feel a certain way because of the connection they may have to their environment, the types of activities people are engaged in are specifically driven by the natural surroundings, and if it is an especially beautiful location, you feel something when you are there. For me, the spot that evokes my strongest ‘sense of place’ is Scituate, MA. On a perfectly sunny afternoon, in the middle of summer, beachside, the landscapes of this town are embedded in my consciousness as making me feel relaxed, free, and in tune with nature. Here are a few images from a day spent on the seashore in my ‘sense of place’

This guy visited me on a recent kayak expedition; have you ever seen a starfish up close?

View off the nose towards the takeout on Herring River

Local truck for the fish mongers; the graphic of the kissing fishes is representative of Scituate's Celtic/Irish identity

An 100 degree day is enough reason to close up shop early

The Tree-Berry Farm is a major U-pick blueberry & christmas tree operation on conserved farmland

The vintage, original scale for the blueberry operation since 1960's

This farm uses no spraying techniques, so the blueberries are as close to organically grown as possible

My pickings, three pounds later...I filled the biggest bucket they have!

Scituate is just gritty enough that it hosts the carnival for several days each summer

Minot Beach on a clear, hot day

Hydrangeas at the house

My mode of transport for exodus of Boston; getting to Scituate by boat is our version of 'normal'

What is your ‘sense of place’ experience like? I’d like to give a shout-out to the PLACE Program & Institute partnership between University of Vermont and Shelburne Farms for the inspiration for this post and gratitude for the great experiences I had while conducting place-based learning and educational programs in Vermont.