Must be my lucky day,

I had been drooling after checking out some of Kristin’s panini’s on Iowa Girl Eats so I went on a mission to the best panini spot I know of in the North End – Volle Nolle. This hole in the wall lunch spot, which has been promoted by my co-workers, is home to the infamously declared “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Boston”, by Rachel Ray! I had the cookie recently and it was, pretty darn good. Maybe the best! But I was in biked-in-this-morning-I’m-so-freakin-starving-sandwich-mode, so I tried to avert my eyes from the cookie dish upwards to the chalkboard menu scrawled across the wall

Resist! Resist!

I zeroed in on the sandwich smack in the middle of the wall – el Cubano. I don’t eat too much meat…but sometimes I am weak and lately, between too much yoga, biking, running, and generally being super busy, my body was calling for some serious PROTEIN. I ordered a cookie too, of course, and a D.C. (diet coke, in chick Northeast speak). The slightly obnoxious trend of the North End of Boston is that almost everywhere is CA$H ONLY (who ever carries cash these days?!). Imagine my major embarrassment when I realized (too late) that I didn’t have enough money 😦 booooo to me. I quickly informed the sweet owner I didn’t have enough to get a cookie and the drink but she insisted that I would be back, which I of course will and soon, and that I would, “get her back”. I gave her everything I had and you know what – she gave me 2 cookies! Not one, but two!!! Wow. I told her I would immediately give her a shout out today, hence running to my computer tonight. Look how cute they wrap the sandwiches here (those are two cornichons sticking out of the wrapper – adorable!).

Once I unwrapped this baby, owwwwweeeeeee. Pulled pork chunks that literally fell apart and black forest ham were melted within provolone cheese, with thinly sliced dill pickles and a ‘secret’ sauce, perfectly pressed to perfection. My goodness. I had to restrain myself from shouting for joy, as I was sitting in the park for lunch, but truly, this is the kind of sandwich you drive to get. Awesome. Ok, back to the cookies. Since I had TWO whole cookies, I handed one off back at the office to my good friend Jes, who helped model it.If you find yourself in the North End of Boston, go, no RUN, to Volle Nolle for lunch. Oh, and since I owe the owner another $3, I’ll be back on Friday. Maybe for a cookie 😉     What is your favorite restuarant in the North End? Favorite panini combination?