What a beautiful Friday it is in Boston! After a particular disheartening bike ride on Tuesday where I was almost doored by a cab and cut off twice (once on my own street), I was a bit reluctant to pedal in to work today. Especially since I hit a hard spin class less than 12 hours prior! Why do we do these things to ourselves? Secretly, I kinda love it! Anyways – today’s bike ride was uneventful = great! There were no crazy drivers, I navigated my way through the sketchy Science Musuem Park (they have been fixing the bridge and lanes foreverrr), where there are like a million cars and out of state tourists entering the various highway interchanges, and MADE it to work. Accomplishment #1. And I received some great news at work – one of my pet land protection projects that I have been advocated for half a year was finally funded so I have the green light to protect more land! Yeah! Accomplishment #2. To celebrate, I stopped into Border’s Booksstore in Downtown X-ing with a girlfriend at lunch to help them with their liquidation sale 🙂 Seriously Borders, why are you leaving me? Where will I go to browse magazines and autobiographies and stationary during my lunch break?! I did find two pretty sweet cookbooks though:

Sorry for leaving the sticker over the title of the book on the left but really, you are going to sell me this hardcover book for only $5?!!! OK, SOLD! Fruits of the Earth is for my mom and to prepare us for our big 2011 Canning Extravaganza coming up soon when all the yard fruit trees are ready. Not that she needs a cookbook; she’s a pro and has been doing it forever but belated birthday present? Pear Chutney, here we come! The book to the right is a compilation of the best (most popular?) recipes from the mini Food Everyday magazines, which I LOVE! Their recipes are so accessible because they use common ingredients with a limited amount of steps. So after lugging these heavy suckers home on my bike, which I just found out is 4.4 MILES ONE WAY and possibly uphill both ways, this is my post-ride accomplishment smile.


Yes, that is sweat on my shirt and I worked for it so I’m gosh darn proud! Like everything that is challenging in this world, the rewards are well worth it, even if you experience a little sweat 🙂 At least my feet look cute with my new Chacos and color of the summer, Caribbean Coral!

I’m going to cool off with one of these refreshing guys:

Nothing says summer like blueberry ale. Mmmm. The sound of cicadas (or ‘heat bugs’, as we called them growing up; you know the sound?!), both as I pedaled in and out of the driveway today remind you to savor those final days of summer. I know I am.

This weekend is going to be jampacked. Tomorrow mom and I are going to visit Gramma far, far away, out in western Mass, which will consist of a picnic, short walk (she’s going strong on 93 people!), ice cream at the farm stand and loading up on fresh veggies and other treats from Atkin’s Farms. Then I’m headed to a BBQ dinner throwdown with foodie friends (they don’t know it’s a throwdown yet; I’m like Bobby Flay that way – sneak attack!). Sunday is a tax-free holiday weekend shopping spree. Woohoo! I’m buying some camping gear (stove? check. lantern? check) for an upcoming trip to VERMONT. I am also totally psyched for Sunday night to see one of my favorite bands My Morning Jacket at the Harborlights Pavillion on the waterfront (yes, I know that isn’t the name of the place anymore but I like it!). I have never seen them but heard the tour has been great so far. Jim James rocks my world.

Well I’m off to get ready for my Italian dinner date with the beau at Pizzeria Posto and hopefully drinks with some neighborhood buddies. Have an excellent TGIF & weekend!