Posto gets five stars! The food was phenomenal! I shared rosemary sea-salted fresh bread, baked to order, with chili oil, classic carbonera with panchetta(!), and a few good drinks. Oh, and I totally stole a bite of this guy’s margherita pizza! Can you blame me?

The interior was totally my style too (if you are into this sorta thing, read on; otherwise, skip ahead! Choose your own reading adventure!). From the outside/sidewalk, the place looks like a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint with a brick oven (great feature, but here, not necessarily impressive). Walk inside and you are greeted with an indulgent entryway with overstuffed beautiful Italian leather couches and seatees near the bar, with high industrial-style exposed loft ceilings, surrounded by warm and cozy brick walls. The lighting was gorgeous to boot; beautiful chandeliers using antique finishes (think copper) mixed amongst some funky modern art hung sporadically around the restaurant. Impressive for Davis Square! They even offer catering, which I bet would be AMAZING

For your next pig-out, rent them for a WHOLE pig!

Next day, it was over the river (literally) and through (acres) of the woods to Grandmother’s house I go! We had a picnic on Mt. Sugarloaf Reservation, complete with pesto, mozza, tomato panini’s, blt’s, chips, and tabuleah salad! Gorgeous views of farmland below…

Connecticut River Valley

And pretty views above…

Is this a correopsis?

Dessert occured at the Boivert’s North Hadley Sugar Shack. Guess which ice cream flavor I had?!!!

Between the panchetta, blt’s, and MAPLE BAON ICE CREAM (oh yes siree Bob!), I am bacon’ed out for the month. After all, I need to save room for lobster effort #4 & #5 before the month ends! However, I had heard of Maple Valley’s maple-flavored ice cream with bacon bits both through work and then on Lovely Locavore Ladies of Boston foodblog. It was a tad overwhelming but worth it to combine my all-time favorite two items into one weird experience: maple + bacon! Tasty! After this moment had (thankfully) passed, I stocked up in a big way at Boivert’s with maple walnut flavored coffee roasted just for them, ears of corn, cucumbers, cider donuts for the evening bbq dessert (yes, totally out of season, but just go with it people!), and maple cream. What I am going to do with a huge tub of maple cream is still entirely up for discussion; probably slather it on toast on cold rainy days when I’m debating between walking a few miles to work or riding my bike in rain pants, WHO KNOWS!?

Farm-All @ Boivert's Sugar Shack

Later in the weekend, I found myself enjoying some musical numbers by the all-star band, My Morning Jacket. Did I have fun?

Yes, I realize this piece of (veggie!) pizza is larger than my head

Gettin' down, per usual, post-pizza calroie burn-off dance session

It wasn’t too shabby a time 😉 Enjoy the end of the week folks. If you find yourself near Gov’t Center tomorrow evening, come stop by & find me at GreenFest 2011 under the tent, talkin’ environmental jargon and alternative energy! Then I’m off to gather fruit @ the parental’s apparent produce operation.