As the last officially (in my book anyway) weekend of summer, I honored the end of the season with two fabu cookouts.

Cook little chicken!

In honor of B.C.’s birthday patio bash Saturday, a snack was required that would out-do all snack foods. Only buffalo chicken dip would suffice our spicy, cheesy cravings. It must be done! This is how it went down:

First I boiled about a pound and a half of chicken tenders in a pot of boiling, slightly salted water, for about ten minutes. When I pulled the chicken out I patted the tenders dry and I shredded them up in a 8′ X 11′ glass baking dish. Next I poured Frank’s Red Hot Sauce all over the chicken, like so

Next I melted 8 oz. of 1/3 less fat cream cheese in a saucepan with 8 oz. of blue cheese dressing. At this point, I was pretty nervous, as I fully expected the cheeses to burn or seize up or weirdly separate but – wait – miraculously, if you follow directions, it works out just fine! I also snipped in a few handfuls of scallions to give it some green color. After the cheeses were melted together, I poured the entire mixture into the baking dish and incorporated the saucy concoction.

I placed the baking dish in a preheated 350 degree oven for ten minutes, pulled it out and added (gasp!) about a cup of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese and popped it back in the oven for another five minutes to melt the top layer of cheese.

The finished product!

What else can you do with amazing, gooey, cheesy buffalo chicken dip? Why, put it on your burger too!

I’ve had awesome buffalo chicken dip before and honestly this was my first attempt. It was a total party hit but I think it needs tweaking to get it perfect! Check back with me on that 🙂 Good party times were had by all!
In cookout #2, it was BEER CAN CHICKEN from the famous grilling cookbook, A Man, a Can, a Grill that stole the day. First you should season your very fresh (no antibiotics/hormone free if possible!) bird and let it sit in the fridge to absorb all its spices and great flavors (I was not preparing this meal so I’m not totally sure what was on said bird, but I do know there is plenty of brown sugar on the bird).
Next, you want to find a friend, preferably someone who isn’t too picky about what kind of beverages they drink, and have them do you a solid by chugging half of a can of domestic beer. Simple. Then you ‘sit’ the bird on top of your beer can, as seen here.
Then comes the easy part – GRILL BABY GRILL! You sit on the hammock, have some iced tea, smell the wafting of perfectly moist chicken grillin’ away and check out the beautiful weather on this – tear – last day of summer?!!! Ok, “back to life, back to reality…”. How cute is this?! The chicken is basically sitting itself up. The skin is nice and crisp, the beer inside the can basically has steamed the entire chicken to perfection.
After roasting it for about an hour and a half on medium-high heat (internal temp reached 180 degrees) it was ready to pull off the grill. Getting the chicken off the grill is actually the hardest part because the beer can is temporarily stuck inside and filled with hot liquid so it is often a two person operation to navigate the bird off the grill. Once it is secured, give it a few minutes to rest under an aluminum ‘tent’ and then dig in!
Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!