A trip to the sea began with one sleepy person (me) and another more motivated person (him) planning to head to Cape Cod to bike the Rail Trail! In my defense, I was extra sleepy Sunday because I worked an amazing event the previous evening at a private home for the catering&bartending company. The folks hosting the party were incredibly sweet, as were their perfectly behaved four children, who live in a gorgeous Adirondack-style mansion in the woods of Metrowest Boston. These lovely people had a 10,000 bottle air/temperature controlled wine cellar, a beautiful back portico with an outdoor roaring fireplace, and they tipped well. 😉 Also – I found my new, future profession, in which I would like to be a florist. I made a few floral arrangements for the party, such as this pretty fall arrangement, and I think I could go into business doing this forever and be very happy.

I worked at a landscape supply & greenhouse center for a few summers in college and fell in love with weeding and maintaining all the perennial and annual flowers; it is such meticulous work to keep your hands busy and the methodical nature had a meditative, calming affect on me. Anyways, I haven’t biked the rail trail in a few years but wanted to fit it in before the cold weather really flies, so Sunday morning it was! The Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) is a 22 mi. fairly flat paved bikeway from Dennis to Wellfleet on Cape Cod that follows the old railway line and winds its way through beautiful woods, protected land, cranberry bogs, marshy grasslands, and ends near Coastguard and Marconi Beaches on the National Seashore, two of my all-time favorite places on the planet. I learned to surf at Coastguard when I worked as an adventure guide for a kids’ summer camp on the Cape years ago and my family always went to the Truro/Wellfleet area growing up around Labor Day to bike in the National Seashore. Marconi was one of my favorite places to go on those family vacas. because the cliffs and orange sand are very dramatic, I loved watching the pounding surf there, and my dad would always blast the Beach Boys while we cruised into the parking lot – we were a pretty groovy family back then! We clocked just over 50 mi. on the total trip distance in under five hours, which included (very late) lunch. We don’t have true road bikes so that time was fast for us. Here’s a few images of our day:

Cliffs at Marconi Beach

Upon leaving Marconi, which as a child I used to call Macaroni beach :), we saw two gaggles of turkeys, the first of which I almost hit with my bike!!! I couldn’t get my camera ready fast enough but as we were biking around the end of the Cape, with the leaves falling down, I started to wonder in my own head, “When will I see my first turkey this year?”. Well, I think we saw about fifteen of them. FALL is here! They were probably trying to escape and cross the road because the local rod and gun club was shooting off multiple rounds all afternoon! Run turkeys run! We stopped at Arnold’s Clam Shack on the way home for end-of-summer clam strips and french fries (hey, we burned 2000+ calories; we deserve it!).

Mmm...fried seafood

This place has a cool 50’s style vibe to it, from the lunch school trays to the mini-golf out back. The clam strips were perfectly lightly fried and a great reward for a long day of biking.

Upon arriving back at the parking lot, 50 mi. later, we were the last car there! We got a bit of a late start, no thanks to me, and pretty much had the entire trail to ourselves on the ride from Arnold’s (mi 17.5) all the way back to the trailhead. As we cruised back to the city, we were happy to sit in the car and listen to the Patriots game and finally be off our saddles.

In other fun additions to my life, check out the cute key holder I picked up on sale at Anthropologie to organize my kitchen utensils.

Cute right?!

Have you seen a wild turkey yet? When do you officially know it is Fall?