Whew – I have been a  busy lady lately. So busy in fact, that I wound myself up very sick today and have wayyyyy too much time on my hands. I thought I’d share some foodie fun from the past two weeks, including shots of delicious, beautifully presented food at not one but TWO weddings, and from the Big E Fair (Eastern States Exposition).

The first wedding was my best girlfriend’s Jessi’s on the South Shore at a gorgeous barn. I’m kicking myself because I wish I had taken more pictures of: 1. the interior and exterior of the building because it was so rustic yet classy; and 2. myself with my date 🙂 I was so busy catching up with all my high school gf’s that I sorta forgot to capture more visual moments but here is what I could salvage. Their salad was so creative, with two cucumber strips wrapped around a light caesar salad – loved this!

I had the veggie meal for dinner and before you think, “ew, how boring”, let me tell you it was awesome! The bride’s mom is a vegetarian so they had a thoughtfully tasteful dish for her (and me :)), which was cannelloni pasta with a light cream sauce and roasted veggies.   The cake was chocolate with alternating layers of vanilla and raspberry? cherry? some tasty fruit 🙂 We danced our butts off at this wedding and I couldn’t be happier for the new couple Jessi & Evan! Congrats!

All the ladies! We are looking at the multitude of paparazzi, hence looking in different directions!

On to the fair, can you see an important person cooking away at the revised ‘Kitchen Stadium’???

Can you see Governor Deval Patrick cooking up a storm?

That’s him, the Gov’n, whipping up some healthy veggie-inspired meals for kids visiting from some city schools. It was so fun to watch; the Gov’n loves to cook apparently! As anyone who goes to the state fairs knows, (Kristin knows what I’m talkin’ about!) the food choices can be overwhelming and plentiful, and we aren’t talking about the healthy options here. There is a lot of food at the fair that I would NEVER eat, including, fried oreos, the ‘crazy burger’ (a burger between two glazed donuts), or a fried stick of butter but I’m not that good either, so the best option for me was the tempura fried sweet potatoes! They were awesome with a side of ranch dressing, washed down with some fresh apple cider.

I checked out a few of the fair’s key attractions:

Butter sculpture of a man shearing a sheep

Cute black & white sheep; love the 'just sheared look'; he looks amused

Award-winning pumpkin wine from Mass. vineyards

Hanging out at the Opa Opa Brewery Saloon

I picked up some goodies too; kettle corn (YUM!) and a sweet little trivet and cheese spreader with the words, “spread peace” that originated from some Maine craftspeople.

Now on to the final wedding. This was a great wedding because it took place at the groom’s parents’ HUGE backyard. Love backyard weddings. They had a great spread of food and beverages (help yourself!) at the entrance to the tent.

I ate about, oh…ten of these babies! While a typically normal party food (mozzarella, basil, and tomato skewers), these were covered with such a sweet balsamic glaze, that they truly were addicting.

The groom’s family did much of the cooking for this weeding with a lot of help and it had a very classy vibe for a backyard bbq-type wedding. The tablescapes were so gorgeous! I loved the French blue runners and the color was found throughout the wedding.I managed to snap this picture before the cupcake tower was DEVOURED; by the time I got over to them at dessert time, they were so few left! I think the family made them by hand (heart) and dang, were they good! The vanilla cupcakes had an orange jelly on them and they were completely moist. I’m not a huge sweets person so they were perfectly sized for me 🙂
And guess who was at this wedding?! None other than Chloe from 321Delish who was the maid of honor! It was fun to catch up again after our last meeting at Katie’s wild bachelorette party earlier this summer. After too many flashmobs and glow sticks wars, it was time to call it a night. Congrats Katie & Sam! I had, ahem, a little too much fun! Next day I wove my way home through the backroads of New Hampshire, checking out the gorgeous fall colors, and even doubled back to a farm stand right near the state line to pick myself up a pumpkin and fresh cider! Note to New Englanders: pumpkins are scarce this year for a few reasons. The wet extended periods of rain didn’t help the growing season for pumpkins and Hurricane Irene flooded many farmland areas across the Connecticut River Valley north to south. The woman at the farmstand told me my choice pumpkin was a “rescue pumpkin”, because originally it was swept downstream during the hurricane and farmers had to chase them down to logjammed areas and pull them back out!!! Backbreaking work, I am sure!

Hopefully I will bounce back from sickness quickly – I have the MOST exciting event to work this Saturday (if the weather cooperates). I’ll fill you in later. 🙂