Hello folks,

What a weekend! Friday kicked off with a stellar concert at House of Blues to see the one, and only, soul soldier Ben Harper! He is such an inspiration and an amazing performer – go see him whenever you have a chance; there really is no one as passionate as him in the singer-songwriter American music scene at this time. Saturday it was off to the 2nd Annual Boston Local Food Fest!

View from the Congress Street Canal Bridge

I was tabling, and despite the super dreary weather leading up to the event, the fog was slowly lifting and people came out in DROVES! The event was different from last year in that many of the vendors seemed to have slightly raised prices; I walked away with WAY more samples last year. I’m all for the businesses gaining exposure but as this is only the second year of the festival, I think some companies could have afforded to keep prices in check (it is a recession people!) – okay, griping OVER! I did eat some awesome grub, including a great ‘thanksgiving-style’ turkey & cranberry sammie from Flour Bakery and $2 tacos from 647 Tremont. Gotta say – the tacos were BOMB. I had some type of quesdilla though that had Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery Couple’ cheese with a spicy

sauce over the top. I picked up the business card for 647 Tremont and saw that they have $2 tacos on Tuesdays! YUM! Need to go check them out in person; their food was right up my alley. After working for about five hours without a break, and sampling some delish food, I was headed in search of agua. Check out the cool water stations they set up:

I crossed the Congress Street Canal to the other side of the street where there was a separate small village set up of additional vendors and a music stage; this was totally different from last year, I guess because of the demand to enter the festival. These guys were great but I couldn’t catch their name.

I did get an amazing opportunity to help out at the fest though. A work colleague had a friend who was vending at the festival who lost all her support staff before the day even began and was desperate for some backup, so my colleague, knowing that I love to cook, asked if I would help cook for her! Oh, boy did I! So I pulled on gloves and an apron and got to work for Emily from Calendar Island Maine Lobster Company cooking – wait for it – LOBSTER CAKES!!!

Emily and I manning the griddles for the masses!

These drew the crowds in like you would not believe and the orders were coming in fast and furious! The weather started to turn around this time too so even more people were showing up at the festival and it was hard to keep up with the pace. My friend John, also a work colleague, was taking in money and names while I furiously tried to keep up with the demand. I think we cranked out five orders a minute for a solid two hours; that’s a lot of lobster!

John and I making it happen











The Calendar Island Maine Lobster Company is a cooperative of lobstermen that recently started processing and packaging these delicious lobster delicacies.

The packaging is beautiful too, don’t you think? After a few hours, the fest wrapped up and Emily kindly repaid my volunteer efforts with what else but a complimentary box of these amazing lobster cakes! I cannot WAIT to cook these babies up! Also, since I did such a nag-up job jumping in to help Emily, she offered to call me up around the holidays to possibly help her at some Boston-area cooking demos! Um, yes please! My dreams of (maybe?!) becoming a personal chef are on their way!