As some of you know, I live in Somerville, recent ranked as one of America’s happiest big cities! I ran around S’umville a TON, and it has been a home base off and on for almost three years now. My brother lived here 2X, most of my friends live in Somerville or near it in Cambridge, my bf lives here. It is just a swell place to be! Here’s a few snapshots of things that are cool in S’umville.

The TOWER – like a scary castle, perched above Union Square, this ominous and out-of-place structure supposedly represents the site of a major battle of the Revolutionary War, as Bunker Hill is just about 1/2 mi. as the crow flies to the east. Somerville is the birthplace of the American flag’s first production as well as the city where FLUFF was invented! Flufffest is a HUGE deal here…yes, a whole Festival de Fluff! 

View from the top of the Tower facing downtown Boston; the Fenway Citgo sign is bottom right of the skyline to orient you. Come here for a sunset or sunrise; gorgeous spot in a quiet park, with tiny switch-backed roads San Francisco-style winding down back to Union Square.

I ran up & down the three flights of stairs three times between taking these shots...I've tried to boulder the backside of the Tower before too; not easy!

Part of the old carriage road system during Paul Revere's ride! Like Paul, I was also hustlin' on a run so I didn't have much time to read the plaque but it's cool that it is right near my house; how historical!

Mmmm...Christina's Homemade Ice Cream - THE BEST in the area, hands down. The joint next door is actually their spice shop, pictured above, and they use unique West-Indies inspired spices to prepare super rich and creamy ice cream flavors like burnt caramel, khulfi, and cocoa banana. GO HERE!

I want this ride for helping me catch my next big wave....found streetside

Um, do you see the antlers tacked to the side of this person's porch?! Awesome!

Alright, time for bed so I can rise early to spin my little heart out @ 6 am Torture = LOVE.