Moo! Aren’t these Texas Longhorn babes just the cutest! I snapped this while visiting a farm last week and learned from the farmer that there are two primary breeds of the Longhorns; one where the horns grow outward and the other where the horns grow out and then turn 90 degrees upward. Fun Farm Fact!Friday night was date night and we ventured to a place that I have been dying to eat at but only had a chance to pop in for a spirit many months back. Trina’s Starlite Lounge serves up cozy, retro comfort food and upscale creative cocktails, and while it looks like a total dive on the outside, with pouring rain Friday night and it’s (slightly) remote location (ie. lack of public transportation nearby), we figured we could get right in. This is the type of spot that locals stay parked at from after-work until wee-bar hours, and it is small, so you could wait, oh, all night before snagging a table but we tried our luck and got in like Flynn!

That’s right folks, CHICKEN & WAFFLES. A Southern meal for my southern gentleman. 🙂

I am on a fall food kick lately (who isn’t, right?) so I ordered the pumpkin raviloi with arugala and walnuts. It was incredible; I licked my plate completely clean. The ravs were made in house so each had a fun, hand-made shape to them – love that. The combination of the spicy arugla and crunchy nuts gave the dish some heat and texture, and the light cream sauce melded all those flavors together in all kinds of good ways. I was over the moon. I snuck a piece of chicken too; it was pretty good also.

I had to take a requisite bathroom shot to give ya’ll a feel for the vibe of this place. There is a hipster, 50’s throwback theme running throughout both the decor and the menus. The bathroom wallpaper was totally chic and classy pinup ladies from magazine ads dating back to the late 40’s! I should also mention that the staff were great there on our visit; very accommodating and thankful that we stopped in on a super bad weather night.

Next we headed west to meet some friends for a pint at Watch City Brewery. Why is it called Watch City, you ask (I asked; I’m perpetually curious/must ask questions of everything) – well, according to the city website, “historically Waltham is probably best known as the home of the Waltham Watch Factory, a pioneer company of the Industrial Revolution.” Who knew?!

The casks and barrels

On tap

So friendly!

I’m not sure if Socrates really said this but I’ll look into it. I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t like the beer here. I have an aversion to small scale breweries that only serve in house because I always have an experience where the beer isn’t very ‘effervescent’ aka bubbly enough; breweries that bottle and distribute their libations don’t seem to have this problem IMO. My first pour of a Red Ale unfortunately tasted a lot like ‘flat juice’; that is the only way I can describe it. They poured me a second glass just to see if it was the first pour but I sense that the taps just didn’t have enough oxygen in them. Hmph. More importantly than the beer though, look at this line-up of facial hair on the bros:

Line 'em up!

On Saturday, after a quick trip to the Subaru dealer, I felt compelled to take a side trip to a local bakery in Belmont Center to check out the rave reviews of the MAPLE FROSTED DONUTS at Ohlin’s Bakery. I heard about this historic, hole-in-the-wall spot via a recent issue of the Improper Bostonian where they featured the donut as a ‘must-EAT’. This place is old school, perfectly preserved in time, along with some classic bakery treats.

Frosted cookies, lemon meringue pies, eclairs, and danishes stretched for miles, but alas – the maple donuts were sold out! Imagine my sad face and disappointment to hear the sweet high schooler behind the counter deliver me with the bad news. “It’s ok….”, I lamented, “I’ll just get a….”, when suddenly the owner (?) popped her head out from around the corner and asked what I was looking for, clearly hearing the tones of despair in my voice. She turned back to the kitchen and I heard her holler out to the baker to pop some more donuts in the fryer JUST FOR ME! I ordered four 🙂

Danish heaven

This place has been in business since 1915!!! That is before the Great Depression, history buffs. 😉

Do you think 'butter rings' are what donuts were originally called?

Oh boy, who knew that service like this even existed! My guy and I were very impressed. She pulled together a sweet little box, all for me, and reminded me to “let the frosting cool” before devouring them. GASP. Like I need a reminder (translation: I TOTALLY needed a reminder).

Check these babies out – old fashioned, air-puffed donuts straight out of the fryer with a generous helping of frosty, maple goodness topping each delectable ‘butter ring’. OMG. Needless to say, after a busy weekend running around to work, catching a show, and a few gym sessions, they are sadly gone now. I had some help too 🙂

On the lighter side, I made some super crispy parmesean stuffed chicken on Thursday following a recipe from Great Food Fast, An Everyday Food Cookbook, so I used the leftovers to cut up and top of big pile of baby spinach salad with dried cranberries, pecans, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese with some left-over crostinis from catering the night before for my Sunday supper.

Then it was off to see Jackie Greene at the Paradise, or “the ‘Dise” as we locals say. What an awesome performer he is! I have loved his voice and original songs for years but never had a chance to catch him live until now. He used to be the frontman for Phil Lesh’s Grateful Dead touring reincarnations and he had a mighty sound. Go see him if he comes round your area.
What are you looking forward to this week? Do you have a favorite donut flavor?