Last week I celebrated a major life milestone – my 30th BDAY! We set off on the journey to FLA on Wednesday evening to a glorious sun set over Boston.

We got in super late but were happy to be leaving the snow behind (yes, snow). Our first adventure was to head south to Del Ray Beach. We stopped for breakfast along the way at John G’s, which  was recommended by a bunch of family who had great experiences there already.

Apparently, John G’s is a local institution for super affordable, enormous-sized breakfast. We were there on a Thursday, mid-morning, and it was slammed! We were probably the youngest people there by at least 20 years 🙂 They had TONS of great options but sometimes when places have lots of options, that just makes it harder for me to narrow down what I really really want, you know?

I picked the Hawaiian omelet even though I NEVER order omelets (love eggs). I always feel like I won’t be able to finish the entire dish so why bother? Well, I was intrigued by the grilled pineapple slices and the description if you can read it says “INCREDIBLE”. Ok, sold!

It did not disappoint! I devoured most of the omelet, which had fluffy eggs and lots of fresh grilled veggies, and was covered in ‘secret sauce’ cheese – weird but good! The man snagged much of my massive hashbrown half-dome, which was fine with me. I can’t eat potatoes like most Americans; I just get bored with the flavor and texture and move on (I know, that is super unpatriotic; I swear I am not a terrorist). My plate also came with super fresh fruit, whole wheat toast, and a personal carafe of coffee, which was bottomless. The man was served up sliced-almond stubbed french toast! Mmmm. Syrup.

Just when we were fully stuffed and happy to leave, the adorable waitress with staff in tow rounded the corner of our booth singing happy birthday and presented me with this ENORMOUS blueberry muffin covered in M&Ms and whipped cream! OMG, they were so sweet!

I was one happy bday girl!

After roling ourselves out of Bday Bfast, we headed south to Del Ray Beach.

Unfortunately, the weather had something else in store for my bday. Check out those dark clouds!

I wanted to go in the water but the rollers and riptide were pretty fierce in the wind. So I just stood at the water’s edge for almost an hour, contemplating my life and apparently looking really small!

It was the man’s sister’s 30th bday too so we passed the phone around and sat on these cool lounge chairs until the hotel beach patrol guy kicked us off. Even though we were the only people at the beach. It was sorta ridiculous.

This is my face watching the beach patrol coming to kick us out = not impressed.

After enjoying what we could, we ventured off the beach towards downtown Del Ray to find refreshments. Of course, as soon as we stepped off the beach, it became gloriously sunny without a breeze to be had! I spied this cool patio by the edge of a canal as we were walking into town so we plopped down on their gorgeous deck to watch the expensive boats glide by. The spot was called Deck 84 and it seemed pretty hip; even the sweet (also birthday celebrating!) bluehairs next to us were cool!

View from inside the patio

View of the canal and drawbridge

Thumbs up to daytime birthday refreshments!

We even had a little visitor.


After our Del Ray adventures, we traveled back north to our condo to get ready for big birthday dinner.

Casual Delia transforms to...

Birthday Delia!

Ceiling art

We had long-standing reservations at a place called Nick and Johnnie’s that I was dying to try because the area where we were staying didn’t have many local, fresh seafood options but this place did. As we were about to board the airplane the day before though, they called to say that we couldn’t come eat because they had a year-out reservation for a private party in the whole restie. What? Boo. Boo again. I was bummed; man was straight up mad (they had confirmed the resi. earlier that day? WTF? Get your staff in order….), so we decided to try it another night but we felt like we got the run around.* (Spoiler Alert = We never went…and maybe we never will?). Moving on though, is one of my specialties (yeah, right) so we picked out another more amazing place to go and found City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill at the City Place Plaza in downtown West Palm Beach. It was gorgeous first off, with funky decor, and the staff treated us like royalty as soon as we stepped foot in the place; it was super classy. Check out the wine racks behind the bar.The menu was very extensive so we tried our best to narrow things down (again, with the overwhelming choices!). This was perhaps, the BEST THING I EVER ATE. I have had gnocchi a few times but as I mentioned above, I’m not a potato girl really. This however, was out of this world. The gnocchi were pillowy soft, smothered in a rich, creamy vodka sauce, covered in fresh melted mozzarella. WOW. Just wow. I ordered the Asian Ahi tuna salad. Isn’t it pretty?

If you are in the West Palm Beach area, check out this spot. It was impressive and I think I can be a tough critic (no, really? Sarcasm, all of it). After some great cocktails, food and conversation, we headed back to our haunted condo complex. Just kiddin’. Just playin’ with Hipstamatic effects 🙂Stay tuned for more details of Florida adventures!