Days are getting shorter but the sunsets have been killer too…

My neighbors are very much into the holiday spirit right now…you should have seen Halloween around here. It was nuts. I dig the palm trees. I think these three houses are in a secret competition to out-do the rest of the neighborhood.

Yes, I realize this is blurry but it is also a shot of City Hall. City of Somerville hosts this crazy fun event called “Illuminations Tour”, with funds supporting the Arts Council, and they take you on a guided tour bus ride through the city to check out the wackiest, festively decorated homes. I haven’t yet been on this winter cruise but I would sure enjoy it. I love gawdy, tacky things 🙂 Pretty sure my neighbors are part of the tour also! 

This post is up later than I would have liked but I was on the road for work all week and that is my excuse. Everyone knows that when the parents come to town, WE EAT. So the eating began last Friday evening at the The Independent, or the ‘Indo’ as we locals call it. I’m not sure why but I love this place. The food is always great, with some local ingredients, but mostly, a thoughtful menu that is well-crafted and sophisticated comfort food presented without pretentiousness. Although, our service on Dec. 2 was pretty miserable, sorry Indo. 😦 Saturday we ventured to the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum in South Boston.

The Museum was much different from my expectation; I really enjoyed it but didn’t expect the vignettes and exhibits to be so entertaining. It was a bit ‘Disney-esque’ but I was very captivated by the Jackie O. exhibits, clips, and films. Go check it out if you are in Boston. After we made our way downtown to check out the Fanueil Hall Christmas Tree.

We were headed to the North End for some good Italian grub and had resis at La Famiglia Giorgio on historic (tourist) Salem Street. I had not eaten here before but have a work lunch next week there so I wanted to scope it out before. It had a beautiful interior on the first floor but we ended up upstairs. It is towards the far end of Salem Street so it didn’t feel as touristy as others eateries on the block.

They started us off with dipping oils and a bottle of Cabernet…

And having already scoped out the table next to us and seeing how enormous their portions for entrees were, I ordered a side Caesar salad and appetizer eggplant parmesan.

Wowzers, I couldn’t even eat half of it! I can’t wait to go back next week for a work lunch too! My date devoured chicken parm over gnocchi. It had to have been close to a two pound chicken cutlet.

After parting from the out of town guests temporarily, we made our way to see Assembly of Dust at the Paradise Rock Club. I’ve seen them way too many times at this point but I couldn’t stay away. I love you Reid G! We got there a bit late though and missed half their set as the second band went on after them rather than before…wahwah.

The am brought us more food at S&S in Somerville’s Innman Square. I thought my breakfast option of a lox plate was a fairly healthy choice, alongside red onion, cucumber, tomato, greens, melon and several snags of others’ fruit cups. Oh, and only 1 tsp. of cream cheese (I don’t like CC anyways, you?). 

Someone else at the table ordered eggs Florentine, which is usually my go-to but I skipped it with my waning will power. 

Even looking at this picture is enough to make me crave spinach (LOVE spinach; LOVE it like Popeye!).

*DISCLOSURE: I am aware that this post contains a large amount of food but I assure you that I attended a power yoga class Saturday and ran/ellipticized for 2+ hours Sunday. Just wanted to clear that up 😉

Hope last weekend was fun for you – what are you doing this weekend? I’m hoping to hike Monadnock and log some miles on new running shoes!