Hello there, may I see your credentials?

This is my ‘serious’ fieldwork face when working outside, in 25 degree weather, in the woods. I look tough, I know. After a cold day working outside, being attacked by ticks and thorn bushes (not fun and somewhat scary; I DON”T want to contract Lyme disease, thanks), and slightly fearing for my life as I look like a small deer and we are in the thick of hunting season (hence, wearing my running safety reflective vest!), I want a warm, cozy meal to warm up to (did I mention that I LOVE my job?!). On tap, Balsamic-glazed, portobello caps with fresh mozzerella, guacamole, BACON, and spice on toasted ciabatta. 

First, I marinated my portobello caps with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, S&P, and stuck it in a small dish in the fridge. While the mushies are m’rnating, I broiled my ciabatta slices, then added a thin layer of guacamole, topped with a few slices of VT Smoke & Cure bacon that I had premade under the broiler a few days earlier.

After a quick soak in the marinade (maybe twenty-thirty minutes), pop those caps in a saucepan (I didn’t add any oil or anything as the marinade had EVOO that would help it cook up) on medium heat.

After about 3-4 minutes a side, I layered some mozzarella cheese in the saucepan, turned the heat down to low, and covered the pan with a plate or lid, to melt the cheese evenly.

Load those puppies up high!

This is an ‘open-faced’ sammy and I won’t lie and tell you that it was pretty to watch me eat them. It was kinda a mess actually. But after a grueling, long day outside, I felt in touch with my animal side and just went for it! 

Then top your mozza-caps with hot sauce of your choice (I LOVE Sriacha, because I was born for a HIGH tolerance for spicy! Trader Joe’s has some decent hot sauce as well). This dish was so delicious, with the caps all juicy with balsamic flavor that carmelizes in the pan as they cook away, that I’ll be making it again soon for sure! It makes this hungry woodsy worker a happy lady!