Yesterday was ‘faux-Christmas’, as my broski is back in China and my parents are too busy to hang out with me on real Christmas (just kidding…. 🙂 ), so we seized the opportunity for Christmas celebrating a week early. Everything at Country Way was merry & bright, from the Christmas ‘tree’…

To the decorated fireplace mantels (count = two of them!).

I think my mom may have a gift for ‘swagging’ (‘swag’ being the term for using branches as decorating). 

This Nativity scene was my favorite thing to set up when I was little (I remember we bought this in a Walgreens store, in Scituate harbor, over twenty years ago!)…

My mom and I went hiking in the woods at a reserve the next town over and it was a bitter 20 degrees. It was great though; someone mysteriously has decorated some trees in this reserve with ornaments (it wasn’t us!) but the ornaments were on the same small Chrarlie Brown tree last year. 

We collected some ‘salvage’ birch bark to use for DIY decorating. It was a bit of a bandit operation but I promise, no foliage was hurt in the making of this:

It is supposed to be a candle holder, lined with birch bark, white pine needles, and some hemlock sprigs; very ‘Winston-flowersque’, don’t you think? Jokingly, my dad commented that if he were to make a fire, he would definitely use birch bark, because it flares up so easily, which is totally true…so it may have to serve strictly as a decorative piece rather than a flame thrower in my apartment. Nobody wants a house fire on Christmas 😦

BIG football game yesterday. My dad emulating a ‘Tebow miracle’ for the Pats (notice the Patriots hat)! They won suckers!

We exchanged a few presents, drank apple cider, and feasted! The table was set, holiday all the way….

Dinner was autumn salad (mesclun, dried cranberries, gorgonzola, walnuts, lite cranberry dressing), warm baguette, and LOBSTER BISQUE from Legal’s Sea Food. Ugh, so good!

After dinner, we enjoyed a few ginger snap cookies I made (when I say, ‘made’, I really mean break & bake) while watching my favorite version of The Nutcracker ballet! It was as enchanting as the other 29 times I have watched it, every Christmas eve (or faux-Christmas day) with my mom, every year.

Have you ever had to have a ‘faux’ holiday because of scheduling conflicts? Love it or hate it? This was almost more fun simply because it had the novelty of being on an unexpected date.