Roasted chickpeas, I have recently discovered, are more addictive and MUCH healthier than french fries! Better than fries?! Truly, YES!

I borrowed a quick recipe off Steamy Kitchen, but modified it by adding the seasoning (S&P blend) with the EVOO prior to roasting. While contemplating last minute holiday errands and stuffing your holiday cards, enjoy some fabulous chai latte with soymilk at Diesel Cafe as you reflect on the BIG year that was 2011 and look ahead to 2012.

Feeling ambitious and holiday-inspired, delve into your first forray of homemade cranberry sauce. Straight out of Joy of Cooking is an easy recipe for homemade cranberry sauce. Start by bringing 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar together into a roiling boil in a saucepan

Once you have a boil, add your berries. I used about 4 cups of freshly harvested berries from my local cranberry farmer (many of the cranberry farmers in Mass are the primary suppliers of Ocean Spray).

Turn your mixture to medium-low heat to simmer the berries for (Joy said 5 minutes…) about 12 minutes, stirring several times (Joy advised against “vigorous stirring”). I also grated in about 2 tsp. of orange zest-iness. Extra yum factor. Let the mixture sit in chilled molds or dishes in the fridge for about two hours prior to serving to effectively cool and ‘gel’ the sauce. Then, you can serve it like this on Christmas Eve, with sweet potato fries and baked chicken, oh, and whiskey ‘nog 🙂

Christmas Day brought the tradition of making Meigas – Mexican breakfast casserole for Christmas Day; essentially, scrambled eggs with cheddar, salsa, and crumbled tortillas. While preparing this super easy, ultra satisfying dish, admire the adorable gift you received from one of your bestie’s for Christmas, a cute, ceramic blue egg tray! LOVE! Thanks LT! You the best!

Meigas is served!

It looks a mess, but ’tis delicious with the eggs aided by the textural ‘crunch’ of the tortillas. Alongside my weekend ritual of eggs at least once over the course of a weekend, I also got to use (a new Christmas gift to me, from me; thanks me), my new Bodum French press coffee pot!

It’s red, for starters, and the little knob on the top couldn’t be cuter! I am making the switch because I really don’t like using a whole coffee pot everyday but I cannot bring myself to use a Keurig – I don’t like the wastefulness of the pods nor the idea of brewing in a plastic ‘cup’ for health reasons. I’m happy to report that the quality of the coffee out of the Bodum is so smooth and rich! Definitely tastes less ‘burnt’ coffee pot flavor!

Christmas Day in the city brought a sprinkle of snow, catching the “Descendants” at the movie theatre, and Chinese food in Chinatown, Boston. With the passing of the year, it is a nice reminder to visit my little holiday shrine of cards and (thanks dad!) collectible Scituate-themed shot glasses that I received for Christmas that adorn the holiday shelf creating a fun, quirky holiday vibe.

Hope you have a great start to 2012! I spent last night on “Couch Phish Tour 2011”, cooking up latkes, and spent today hiking around World’s End reservation on the South Shore. With 52 degrees and NO SNOW, enjoy the sunshine while you can is my motto!