While recently visiting my cute gma, my mom and I saw this HUGE billboard along I-90 West that is dedicated for advertising for the Big Y chain of supermarkets. “Say it like ‘Punch-KEY'” the billboard proclaimed, with a lil’ old lady below it holding a plate of what looked like the world’s most amazing doughnuts. “What ARE THOSE?!!!” we asked as we continued to drive over the river and through the woods to gma’s. Gma told us that the Paczkis are a Polish treat indulged right before Lent, and the famous no-hole donuts come in a multitude of flavors and are DELICIOUS! We didn’t have time to track any down during our action filled day at Mount Holyoke but I had a meeting a few days later that one of my Western Mass. colleagues was attending so I hit him up. “Hey Rick – ‘say it like Pouch-KEY’! Do you know what I’m talking about?!”; “Delia, it’s pronounced ‘Punch-KEY’, and if you can’t get it right, I’m not going to bring you two boxes of them for the meeting tomorrow.” I practiced my pronunciation and lo and behold, Rick came through the next day:

I tried half of a lemon flavored and half of a creme flavored…


I preferred the lemon! They were similar to a Boston creme-like donut but much more airy! Indeed, the box told the story of how the many Polish who settled in the Western part of Mass, farming along the Connecticut River Valley, would use this time of year to prepare Paczki and clear out their panties to make the decadent dessert to be devoured before Lent.

Thanks Rick for the treats! Totally worth the 1,000,000 calories. On my travels back, a small tribute to the impending (at the time) Superbowl match off between the beloved Patriots and NY Giants. Sadly, not even the Farm Bureau’s sign would save Tom’s plight.

Nor would my Patriots Superbowl salad – red, white, and blue – with roasted tomatoes (Ina Garten’s), blueberries, and feta.

Needless to say, I had to be reminded that the Giant’s colors were also red, white, blue. In the words of Homer (Simpson) “DUHO!” Eating salad instead of stuffing our faces with endless chips and dip helped alleviate some of the pain while the Pats lost it big time. I got the donuts right at least and I’m sure Homer would approve 🙂