Sights from the Scituate Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!

The redcoats came

My bro holding his Chinese street dog after catching some doggie treats from the Animal Shelter float

Nothin' runs like a Deere

Irish lighthouse, very Scituate-iconic

Me lucky pot-o-gold!

Safari with the Egypt Country Store float

St. Patrick himself

This firetruck is FOR RENT - as in, for parties. Bachelorette idea?!

My future dune buggy

Wanted to borrow this surf board for a bit

Irish patrol car

'things' from Despicable Me? or Disney World?

This float had a truck on it with a sign reading, "this is the last vehicle owned by Johhny Cash" - random!

Previous to the Parade fun though, I went to run the Cohasset Road Race By the Sea course for the race coming up in a few weeks. It was tough! There are some SUPER steep hills and a mile long rolling hills section that I died through. My bf joined me though to coach me on and we powered through the run under my goal time so I think I will make it on race day! It was sunny and cool, perfect for 6.3 miles along the ocean. I am having a little bit of soreness in my foot and I’ll be taking it easy by alternating biking (new Trekkie Road is here!) with runs in the next few weeks to avoid giving myself a stress fracture. I am also newly addicted to coconut water (who isn’t?), and think the Vitacoco, along with some Emergen-C packets, and a couple of shot blocks, will be my friends come race time! I’m sorta excited!