Who needs Pinterest-spiration when you can have actual images from the Boston Flower Show! The flower show is pretty amazing just in terms of how creative the show designers are at displaying model landscapes and transforming the indoor space; lots of inspiration. Now if only I had a real yard I could install some of this magic 🙂

Seaport Boston World Trade Center

Flower hats! Better than a fascinator?

Flower hat close-up

Tulip bridge

Kids' play garden; can you see the wire people?

I could sit here and enjoy a beverage or two for sure, relaxing with the waterfall below

Reflection pond

Cute back patio with Chihuly-like glass garden stakes

Tulip-lined front walk was stunning as the entrance to the show

Ikebana Japanese flower design competition

In my future career as a florist I could see myself getting into the Ikebana design. I loved working as a florist/greenhouse assistant over two summers in college because the methodical work of arranging and pruning flowers is so relaxing.

Love the walkway lanterns mostly; I think they were LEDs and I saw some very similar for super-cheap @ Target; you can't even tell they aren't candles

It looks like a little Eden

Bonsai competition; I spoke with the Bonsai Institute coordinator and she told me interesting info about how Bonsais should be raised in odd numbers (1s, 3s, or 5s) clusters for good luck

The waterfeatures in this landscape model were so Zen; a gong rang every 20th spin of the iron waterwheel (left, front-facing) and the carved benches looked super inviting while siting by the pond checking out the Koi fish