It is spring! I know because I repotted and planted a bunch of cute flowers, and now my allergies are going nuts.

This post is a random smattering of “Things That I Cook Very Well” for the purpose of starting a business someday, for which this post, living in the interwebs for infinity, will serve as a reminder/inspiration/launching point. Okay.


Probably my signature ‘best cooked everytime’ dish. I mostly like veggie pizza, or ‘za, with cow’s cheeses, and little to no sauce on whole wheat dough. I make sure to coat the pizza baking sheet with olive oil and brush the crust edge once I have rolled it out; I also always use flour to stretch the dough (I don’t make my own dough…yet)

Baking – 

I can bake; not saying it is my strong suite though. These were plucked  from a recipe on Fit Sugar and marketed as “high protein, low sugar”; they were delicious with the homemade lemon icing I added to several of them (which caused them to be more like cupcakes but whatever!).

I made peanut butter, chocolate chip, banana bread for a baking contest and won the ‘non-cookie category’! I had seen the picture around Halloween time floating around Pinterest and decided it must be done. I super-modified the recipe though, opting for whole wheat flour and about a cup less sugar. It was fantastic that way too.

Savory Dishes – 

Curry, as a specialty. I learned how to make curry from someone else and eventually, grew to outpace their spicing and culinary skills, making the crispiest tofu, perfectly cooked brown rice, and creamiest curry sauce around Somerville. I like using red curry paste but dabble in green too; yellow is a bit mild for my liking/overly desensitized taste buds.

Cooking Vegetables – 

Vegetables are only as boring as you let them be. I love cooking leafy greens for their ‘volume’ effect; you start with a big handful and they cook down to reasonable volume, leaving you full with healthy fiber for hours. Spinach and Rainbow Chard are tops.

Vegetables are also fun cooked in varying textures. Something like Zucchini boats is all veg (with some cheeeeeeeese, please) but fun to eat and super satisfying.

Unpictured but in heavy rotation – POPCORN. I learned to make popcorn from my dad, using a stove-top and pot with hot oil, old-school style. I add all kinds of different toppings to my popcorn, making both sweet and savory versions, but if I had to open one food-related business, it would be popcorn sales.

I almost took this goat home from a farm the other day; he acted more like a puppy than a goat and I wanted to keep him as a pet! I also almost bought a bunny and then remembered I wouldn’t be home for four days straight so it seemed cruel to keep them.

I think his name was ‘Buddy’. I don’t cook goat BTW!

What is your best dish?