This past Sunday, I ran the Cohasset 10K Road Race. I have very mixed feelings about how it went.

I had practiced, so I felt as physically prepared as possible (possibly too prepared; knowing it was a hilly course made me more hyper-aware of the upcoming hills than was beneficial to my brain). I ‘executed’ well, meaning I did everything technically right before, during, and after the race. I had fun and saw a bunch of people I know from the area. I didn’t feel that I challenged myself enough though. By the finish, I had a little fuel in the tank left, and I didn’t run a consistent pace so I came in about 5:53 over my goal time. Boo. I blame…the wind. I know I can run faster because I have been running faster all winter outside but my friends who obsessively run assure me it is normal especially since this was a first race I was taking very seriously.

Our ‘race crew’ – wear black & red or you aren’t cool. My brother came in at a pretty sick placement with a time of 45:14, 113 overall. He should be running to compete I think!

I had read that Tina of Carrots N Cake was running the race and sure enough, as I spaced out staring at the race results board, I spotted her right there and went to say hello. She had a great race and she and her husband were very friendly. After the race, we all headed to my parents’ for a massive meal…

Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns...

Bagels, lox, cream cheese, banana bread

I washed down a full plate with a liquid order of water, Vitacoco, low-fat chocolate milk (kids sized), and a Smithwick’s Ale.

I’m proudly wearing my race shirt, with the 1-4-3 lighthouse (Scituate fact: the lighthouse used to blink in a succession of 1-4-3 flashes as a sort of SOS to tell the sailors and lobstermen out at sea that they were loved, as in I (1) LOVE (4) YOU (3). The Minot Lighthouse featured on the shirt is actually located off the shores of Scituate not Cohasset but this is a larger dispute).

I REALLY want to run another race now (of course) to prove that I can run faster than I did. I DO NOT have a desire to start running marathons though; I don’t think I want to be that much of a specialist. But I do enjoy running now more than ever before, especially since I am getting it down to a science for my body and watching myself improve my speed over the past winter, which is tough to do regardless because of variable weather conditions. I just may be a runner (albeit a slow one) after all. Know any good 10K I should sign up for?!!!