I owe this post to several people though it is late!!!

Over the holiday weekend (Easter/Passover), I headed to Columbus with the bf to visit his family for Seder and Passover. After a quick pick-up from the airport, we lunched at a pub in downtown Columbus. I had the baked salmon over spinach salad with blue cheese and strawberries. The combination was great but I don’t believe the salmon was baked; more like fried as it was pretty greasy.

We hit up Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream within the first hour of landing.

Jeni’s is pretty famous in Columbus because they use a host of local ingredients like local cream and honey in many of their signature and wildly creative flavors.

I had seen an episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate the other day on Food Network that featured ‘Best Spiciest Foods’, and Tim Allen’s pick was the Queen City Cayenne at Jeni’s so I HAD to try it. First, there was a faint taste of gingerbread/cocoa, followed by a quick blast of hot hot spicy cayenne pepper. Like a five alarm fire going off in my mouth! I loved it!

The entire shop was so cute inside and you can sample a bunch of flavors before narrowing down your pick.

Jeni's delivers and ships all over the country

I was in Columbus to celebrate the Seder with the bf’s family. His sister hosted two nights in a row and I even made (and tasted) my first matzo balls for soup! People actually liked it too, which I hear is a high compliment! We had great company both evenings and amazing food cooked up by her husband; seriously impressive cheffing skills!

Seder table night #1

On day 2 of our visit, we ventured to the Short North Arts District area of downtown Columbus to do some sightseeing and wandering, my favorite part of visiting new places.

We popped into a few stores. This place Tigertree was too hip to be square, with adorable clothing and local artists goods; it was like walking through a real-life Etsy store.  I could have bought everything/anything and been happy. My bf’s sister and I were seriously oggling some cute dresses and housewares stuff.

I liked this chicken-egg machine too; it is so cool that I didn’t even grasp what its purpose was.

Later in the day we took to the streets and sidewalks in a biker gang to explore the Franklin Park Observatory. This park is comprised of sprawling grounds, walking paths, outdoor kitchen and function areas, a butterfly atrium, an apiary, community gardens, and an arboretum.

Wooden suspension bridge

Bike path


being weird posers; I look distracted

Apiary...BUZZ BUZZ

Hives inside the open air apiary; bees are so smart

Cold frames growing starter veggies

Guys 'hangin'' in the grapevines and hop trellises; get it?

French-style low-growing gardens lined the outdoor kitchen patio

On Day 3 we took a self-guided tour of the Ohio State campus.

Architecture building on Ohio State Campus

The legendary 'U' Horseshoe Stadium

And then we ate more ice cream. We hit up yet another famous ice cream shop, Graeters. This place is a bit more old-school style than Jeni’s and reminded me of Friendly’s Ice Cream  maybe. 

I had a good-old standby, Black Raspberry Chip, with jelly beans (as it was Easter Sunday, which in my book, requires candy). We had a great time in Columbus and it was so much more than I expected! I guess I thought it would either be more rural or suburban but the city/suburban line is much less defined than in other cities I have been to; the areas seemed to blend together more seamlessly. Plus while we were there, the flowers and trees were in peak bloom and everything was green, so it truly felt like the official ushering in of spring.