I massively apologize for the hiatus. I moved (across town/in with the ‘man’), have about 2-dozen weddings (and related parties) to attend, and have just been too darn busy! Sorrrrryyyyyyy.

It was a ‘hyper-local’ Saturday for me in Somerville this past weekend! I attended the mid-day session of the first annual Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest held at the Arts at the Armory Building in Somerville. Apparently, the same people who brought you the Boston Local Food Festival put on this event with the help of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce/Sustainable Business Network. I tasted, networked, and enjoyed the atmosphere of this event – this will likely be a huge sell-out event for years to come!

Views of the upper tier breweries

Crowd shot from upstairs

Local brewery ‘Slumbrew’ may have shared some exciting news that they could be expanding operations in Somerville very very soon!

I love this company; I met one of the owners at the event and not only was she a doll, but you can tell they are incredibly passionate about their product and have a creative lilt that reminds me of successful big craft beer companies like Magic Hat.

Slumbrew’s logo is the ‘Tower’ in Somerville, perched above Union Square, where the first flag was flown in Somerville and the views of downtown Boston can’t be beat!

Nightshift Brewing – first off, so local (Everett), cool logo (it’s  a ‘late night owl’ shaped like a hops bud!), and tasty! The Pomegranate brew I sampled was one of the first (of several) fruity, flowery brews that seemed to be heavily prevalent in rotation throughout the event.

Bryce found his family ‘tree’

Even entertainment. The duo playing the early session sounded a lot like the White Stripes!

There were some great food vendors there as well but I left it to the guys to house some cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes (they sampled the green monster!) on my behalf. SPOILER ALERT: a) they are delicious; b) Kickass is moving in across the street from my new place! I have never eaten a ‘designer cupcake’ so I am waiting for the shop or production kitchen (they aren’t yet sure how the space will be used) to officially open before I take the cupcake plunge. They already have a steady shop just a mile down the street from us in Davis Square; how many cupcake shops does one city need I ask?!

Tasty Taza chocolate! Mmm

You could make your own pretzel necklace along with the folks from Yelp.com for muchies later but I passed on that as well. I guess I’m kinda a bum when it comes to sampling; gotta step it up! I did try the guajillo chili chocolate from local company Taza, which was not really spicy, but had a mellow ‘heat’ to it. For me, brew samples that topped my list were ironically from Sam Adams (I know, I know), including their ‘Porch Rocker’ lemonade (so good!) and a blueberry summer beer that is only released in July. It may  have rivaled Long Trail’s ‘Bluebearry Wheat’, a long-time fav!

Earlier in the day, I hit up the Union Square Farmer’s Market as well. I’m waiting for the really great, early-summer produce to arrive!

Kombucha Man’s drink-mobile

In other, adorable local (as in, on MY block) news, check out this cute ‘home farm’, set up last year at the Cambridge Health Alliance hospital campus.

For the second year, it is already up and running! I never actually see anyone over there tending to these plants but they look incredibly healthy!

Are you planting anything? Got a hyper-local connection?